6.1 cu. ft. Solar Powered DC Upright Freezer



Store your extra food in style with this stylish upright retro freezer—built to work on sun power alone. It’s the perfect addition to any off-grid space, from a cabin to your lake house, campsite, and much more, giving you that 50s look with all the convenience of a modern appliance.

Thanks to the upright design, it’s quick and easy to find the items you’re looking for. No more digging around! There are 6 convenient freezer compartments for ample storage, with effortless controls to set the temperature just right. This freezer comes with the most reliable compact DC cooling system in the world plus efficient insulation throughout, so you can always count on a reliable appliance no matter where you are off the grid. Note that this specialty solar DC appliance does not work on a regular household AC plug

AC convertor to run on a standard household AC plug (sold separately)

Operation: 12V / 24V / SOLAR ENERGY 

Key Features

  • DC solar appliance (AC convertor sold separately)
  • Upright freezer design offers easy access to all compartments
  • Highly efficient construction features 3” /7.62 cm of insulation
  • Danfoss/Secop compressor – world’s leading DC compressor (2-year warranty)
  • In-line fuse for protection
  • Thermostat
  • 6 heavy-duty drawers
  • Operational error code warning system
  • 8” / 20.3 cm electrical wire cut end liter

Product Specifications

  • Product Code:
    UGP-175L UF W
  • Total size:
    6.1 cu ft – 175 liters
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    56.6” x 21” x 24” / 143.7 cm x 53.3 cm x 60.9 cm
  • Weight:
    102.5 lb / 46.5 kg
  • Operation:
    DC power, 12V / 24V
  • Total Watt. hr. draw (24V DC):
    532 Wh/ 24 hrs (set to -14˚C / 57.2ºF freezer)
  • Total Amp. hr. draw (24V DC):
    17 Ah/ 24 hrs (set to -14˚C / 57.2ºF freezer)
  • Power consumption:
    58.8 W on 12V / 24V
  • Average run current:
    4.9A on 12V & 2.5A on 24V
  • Freezer temp. range:
    -25°C to -6°C / -13ºF to 21.2ºF